Stickii Bitch

Stickii Bitch

Monday, January 25, 2010

MY Daily THoughts

January 27, 2010

mood ..content
curently listening  to  the  baby  sleep

so ive  been wanted  to  start  an online  journal
cause my  thoughts  and  my  words  is the only  way
ure  really  goin to  get in my head  cause of  the  guard
i have up . this  a  self made  guard  cause of  the pain
and  hurt  that i  have  endured in my life
im  21  and i  have been lied to , cheated  on  , walked  out , raped  etc
but im truly a  survior

so today was  an  alright  day
no  hoes  didnt  bother  me
had  a  killa  headache and no pain pills
i  was  almost  stuck  at  work  for  a min
my  dumb ass spent  all my  cash
and  i  left  my  bank  card home
never  again
but im really  feelin this  one  gurl
she know  who  she is
i  hope she  sticks  around
cause she makes  me smile alot
and shes  stays on my  mind
hmm  but is  3:01 am time to cake  with her
and  sleep  work  2morrow

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